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The Smiths - How Soon Is Now?
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The Smiths - How Soon Is Now?

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I have a question about the Aerial Corps uniforms! I'm going to DragonCon as Captain Harcourt, and my impression is that the uniforms boil down to "just like the Navy but green coats". In your mind are there any other differences, rank insignia etc? I was especially wondering about the hats since naval hats did not have chin straps and that seems necessary. :D



That sounds so fantastic, I hope to see you there! :D 

The short answer is you’re right. The long answer is the Admiralty officially keeps aviators in uniforms close to the naval even though this often makes not much sense for flying on a dragon, with modifications and exceptions generally made grudgingly after they have essentially become reality on the ground. So the aviators generally have a habit of quietly ignoring poor regulations, and there was very wide variation in uniforms in the field in the Napoleonic Era anyway, so you actually have a lot of flexibility. 

In a social setting, aviators would likely be “Navy but green coats” yes, and there they might well wear the same hats. The one note is that most aviators would probably wear trousers where naval officers would probably lean towards knee-breeches, as the aviators would have been ahead of the curve in getting rid of stockings, which as you might imagine would especially not mix well with climbing around over dragonhide.

OTOH, if they were in the field, an aviator might just as likely be in a leather cap much like early airplane pilots (and yes, anything they wore would definitely have to be held on in some way), and they would often wear heavy leather flying coats, etc. 

So, you have room to play if you want it! But you will also not go wrong sticking close to the naval model.

ironvoan and velvet-jellyfish take note <3

Did we just get cosplay advice from the lady herself

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a compilation of instagrams of two of my favorite things

(my instagram is @ironvoan surprisingly,  for those of you who simply can’t get enough of colorized poor-quality photographs of felines bathing in solar radiation)

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when i first learned to read i’d read until i fell asleep like that.

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אני צריכה שמישהו יחזיק אותי אבל לאף אחד לא אכפת או שכולם עסוקים או שאף אחד לא שם לב? בינתיים מתפרקת אבל קחו את הזמן מקסימום הוא יחזיק אותי כשהוא יחזור. אין לחץ. אין לחץ

The single most precious person in my world is risking his life right now & heaven knows I’m miserable now


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actually shut your face okay

That awkward moment when you’re drawing a sleeping soldier on the neverending bus trip home and then suddenly he opens his eyes to find you staring intensely at his facial features